Cyber Monday Sale @ Cute Beltz

Yes, it is that time of the year where everyone goes a little crazy with shopping, but who wouldn’t when they are giving stuff away! 🙂 So we, here at Cute Beltz will be offering some fun deals throughout the week, check out our website daily,  for the deal of the day.

With the addition of several new belts for kids; the sunflower belt, navy/white stripe belt, solid color belts(navy, black, white, pink and brown) and more, everyone is sure to find a style your child will look fabulous in!  Visit to start saving now!

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Cute Beltz is a toddler boutique which specializes in belts for boys and girls.  All belts are offered with a D-ring or Velcro closure.  Our Velcro belts are quick and easy to use and is an asset when potty training. 

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