A Mompreneurs Story – Everyone has an “Aha” moment in life!

I thought I would re-post my story. Just a little about why I started Cute Beltz and the passion behind it.

“Mommy, my pants keep falling down!” Kristen Stevens must have heard that a thousand times from her little girl. She knew after hearing those same words echoed over and over again, she had to come up with a solution. The pins in the pants were a nuisance and dangerous, every belt you found was too big for your child’s waist, as a result Cute Beltz was born.

In November of 2008, Kristen, wife and mother of 2 toddlers, launched CuteBeltz(www.CuteBeltz.com), a line of children belts and accessories for children 12 months to 6 years old. “The response has been extraordinary!”, says Stevens. “Parents are ecstatic about finding a belt that keeps their child’s pants up.” Kristen goes on to add that parents have also shared with her that with each use, they are witnessing their child’s self confidence heighten each time they put CuteBeltz on.

Kid belts are an essential part of a child’s wardrobe. Not only are kid belts essential they allow a child to develop the motor skills and confidence one needs to figure things out and with a growing number of children with special needs, we found it essential to design a belt, the Velcro belt, which could be used by all children.

As Kristen watch her children develop, she realized that they depend less on her, and begin to develop their own thoughts and opinions. She knew this was an exceptional product as I watched my little girl put on her belt and I reached to help her and she said, “Mommy, Big Girls Can Do It!” The joy on her face when she fastened the belt was my Aha! (Oprah’s famous word) moment. If a belt could make my child this happy, I knew this was a great product.

Kids love the colors and patterns. Parents have said, “Oh my gosh, a belt! Thank you, now my child’s pants will stay up”. An educator told me, “I feel so awkward assisting children when they go to the bathroom, this belt is a lifesaver”. Another pointed out the need and ease-of-use is ideal for children with special needs.

Children have said, “WOW, look at the colors, how cute!” It is wonderful to know so many parents, educators and especially children love the product. There are a variety of styles to choose from. Girls can wear the belts with skirts, pants or even accessorize a dress. The boy’s belts look great with any pant, i.e. khaki’s, jeans, shorts or dress pants. Children love adding a little pizzazz!

Cute Beltz are easy to use. I have found that children love the D-ring belts because it adds another look to their outfit. Kids also love the Velcro belts because the are very easy to use, especially during potty training and are great for children with special needs.

Cute Beltz continues to expand its product line, so keep an eye out for the new “Cute Beltz for Cute Kidz!”

About Cute Beltz

Cute Beltz, http://www.CuteBeltz.com, is an online children’s boutique which offers a variety of belts for toddler boys and girls, ranging in age from 12 months to 6 years old. Cute Beltz products can be found online at http://www.CuteBeltz.com. Join our Mailing List and receive the latest information on upcoming sales and new products. Kristen Stevens is the owner of Cute Beltz. All inquiries and correspondence should be directed to info@CuteBeltz.com.

Quick Note for all Aspiring Mompreneurs – Follow your dreams because you don’t want to look back one day and say, “What if?” Put it in your heart and your mind will follow.  🙂

One thought on “A Mompreneurs Story – Everyone has an “Aha” moment in life!

  1. It always excites me whenever I see women put up their own businesses and become independent. Mompreneurs have great insights into marketing gaps and the effort they put in to juggle their time to balance home and business is really amazing. Cheers to all the mums who give it a go! I hope we will continue to see the rise of mompreneurs as future leaders of our businesses and communities.

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