Cute Beltz Partners with The AugMe Foundation in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness

This year has been one of great loss for my family to Cancer.  We lost my cousin Dawn, the founder of the AugMe Foundation, who was a vibrant and loving woman.  In honor of her, Cute Beltz has partnered with the AugMe Foundation to help continue the great work of Dawn Spencer.  She was an awesome person, who always strived to have a positive impact on people’s lives, this was evident through her foundation. 

The signature belt for the AugMe Foundation is The Pink Flower Power Girls Belt.  With the purchase of each signature belt, a donation will be made to the AugMe Foundation.

Read about the AugMe Foundation in Dawn’s Words:

Our mission is to provide breast prostheses for women suffering with breast cancer and no insurance and/or limited funding. 
AugMe Foundation is committed to giving breast cancer survivors hope and security while building their self-esteem and making them feel whole again.

AugMe Foundation was created as a result of my journey (Dawn Spencer) as a breast cancer survivor, to find a custom breast prosthesis after undergoing a right breast mastectomy and no possibility of reconstruction.  I was fitted for a custom breast prosthesis that never really fit and was very uncomfortable.  I thought if I could create a custom breast prosthesis that adhered to the skin, contoured from skin to prosthesis and was a perfect color match, women like myself would be able to hold their heads high and feel confident once again.  Upon doing much research, I found that Medicare did not cover custom breast prostheses however, they covered artificial limbs, fingers, toes, etc.  AugMe would have to wait until I helped change Medicare policy so that women with breast cancer could have access to breast prostheses alternatives. 

Thus, AugMe Foundation was founded April, 2009.  AugMe Foundation receives and administers funds for purchasing and distributing breast prostheses to breast cancer survivors.  Medicare is currently reviewing their policy to cover breast prostheses and I am hopeful that their decision to change will happen sometimes this year (2009).  AugMe Foundation is currently working to provide breast prostheses for women in Ghana as part of a program that Dr. Lisa Newman Surgical Oncologist, Associate Professor of Surgery and Director of the Breast Care Center for the University of Michigan is spearheading.

Vision Statement

Aug Me Foundation International strives for a day when all women have equal access to health care including adequate education and prevention surrounding breast cancer.  Additionally we envision a time when breast prostheses for breast cancer survivors are covered under government funded programs like Medicare/Medicaid

Dawn lost her battle February 23, 2010, but the work continues through her daughter, Brooke Trotter and a host of family and friends.  Please continue to donate and help raise funds for this worthy cause.

In this great battle, we also honor, Lydia Pitts, my Mother’s childhood friend; Uncle Ernest Clark, my husbands Uncle;  and my childhood friend.  It is an awful disease, but it is a blessing to have known these loving individuals for the time we had.

One thought on “Cute Beltz Partners with The AugMe Foundation in Honor of Breast Cancer Awareness

  1. Reblogged this on Cute Beltz and commented:

    I am reposting this blog because it is such an overwhelming subject in so many of our lives, Cancer. My cousin, Dawn Spencer fought hard and long, but lost her battle, but through her daughter her cause to provide breast prostheses for uninsured and under insured women and to educate the public continues.

    If you know of anyone that would benefit from the services of the AugMe Foundation, please have them contact Here’s to the fight against cancer!

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