5 Tips for Taking Vacation From the Home Office

Looking for great tips on taking a vacation for individuals who own small businesses?  The article by Liza Porteus Viana on Fox Business has some great tips.  Cute Beltz was posed the question, check out what I had to say!! 🙂

5 Tips for Taking Vacation From the Home Office

No 1: Don’t Let Deadlines Go on Vacation

If you’re going to be away from your business and clients for any sort of extended period of time, let them know how long you will be gone and assure them that whatever work you are doing for them will still be done on time. In fact, getting it done early will prove you can meet deadlines and still have a life afterward.

“You should be communicating your intentions with your clients, i.e. taking time off, so they will not feel neglected or like you are ‘slacking.,’” said Kristen Ford-Stevens, owner and designer of Cute Beltz. “Communication is key to running a successful home business .”

 Read complete article here

Happy Holidays!

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