Holiday Vacation Tips When You Work for You

As a small business we all could use some tips on taking a vacation because we work HARD!  Liza Porteus Viana article shed some light on just “how to” take a vacation.  As a small business owner, Liza asked me my take and I provided my insight on vacations.

Holiday Vacation Tips When You Work for You

The holidays are fast approaching and for those who work at home, many may have the option of taking extended time off — a perk to being your own boss. But should you?

When it comes to signing off on your own vacation time, it’s a personal decision for which one has to weigh the benefits – and costs.

“You are truly your own boss and truly do manage or try to manage yourself in terms of any kind of away time – whether it’s around the holidays or otherwise. It’s all part of that process,” said Bill Kahnweiler, associate professor and human resource expert at Georgia State University’s Department of Public Management and Policy.

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Please leave a comment, I would love to hear how you mange your vacations as a small business owner.

Happy Holidays from Cute Beltz!

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