Are You Ready For The 2012 London Summer Olympics?

I am so excited for the 2012 Olympics.  The qualifiers for gymnastics and swimming got me wanting more.  There are so many sports, always a few that I haven’t heard of or are amazed it is an Olympic sport.  Here’s a list of all the summer sports:


The 2012 Summer Olympic programme features 26 sports and a total of 39 disciplines:

  • Canoeing
    • Sprint (12)
    • Slalom (4)
  • Cycling
    • BMX (2)
    • Mountain biking (2)
    • Road (4)
    • Track (10)
  • Equestrian
    • Dressage (2)
    • Eventing (2)
    • Jumping (2)

I am looking forward to gymnastics, always a favorite of mine and now that I have two little one’s that love the sport we will be watching closely. A favorite of ours is Gabby Douglas who is on the USA gymnastics team, she really is phenomenal, skilled and a winner in our book! What sport are you looking forward to and who’s your favorite athlete?  Will you be watching?

The Olympics officially start July 27th, so get ready for some exciting competition.


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One thought on “Are You Ready For The 2012 London Summer Olympics?

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