Lego Master Builder Academy

My girls love Legos!! Now, Lego offers the Lego Master Builder Academy, which is a great program for children who are looking for a new challenge.  Every 2 months they will receive a new kit.  Here are the specifics via Lego:

LEGO Master Builder Academy is an in-home and online experience in which real LEGO Master Builders share the tips and techniques of basic through advanced building, creativity and design with kids (ages 8 or older) who want to become better builders.

The program consists of 6 kits, each containing a 3-in–1 building set and, an 84-page LEGO MBA Designer Handbook full of lessons, enhanced building instructions and inspiration for creating original LEGO models. Every kit also includes it’s own fun building theme and buildable accessories for the exclusive LEGO MBA Minifigures that come in every third kit, when members reach each new skill level! READ MORE

Sounds like fun, I better get ready to shell out the bucks because my girls are always up for a new challenge, plus I love the learning aspect, keeps their minds sharp!

Here’s to Lego’s! – Cute Beltz

D-ring & Velcro Belts for Kids

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