Are you looking forward to the kids going back to school?


Let me start of saying, I LOVE MY KIDS to pieces, but as a WAHM, it is very difficult to work during the summer, I am the go to person for everything.  I have learned to answer questions as I compose an email/blog which is very dangerous! 🙂   Balance is difficult, but I do my best.  Now, I am happy my kids are going back to school in a few weeks because I need and deserve the balance back in my life.  So, are you ready for the kids to go back to school or have you figured out the secret(LOL) to balance?

Back to School, here we come! – Cute Beltz

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One thought on “Are you looking forward to the kids going back to school?

  1. No, I have not figured it out yet and I know my son should go to school but this is his first year and so I am not ready for him to go even though it is going to make getting work done so much easier. I would Love to have him for one more year. But then I can not say I would like for him to go next year either. I am starting to think I should just Home school him.

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