The Yellow School BUS!!!!

So today was the day, first day of school and the first bus ride.  Unfortunately(or fortunately), the bus was running late, so I just took my kids to school.  BUT, they will be riding the bus home this afternoon and I am still a little nervous about them riding the bus and so is my husband.  We are thinking we will go back to school this afternoon to watch them get on the bus, want to make sure everything goes smoothly.  Sound a little crazy??  I just have to be sure they are OK.  So, how did you handle the first time your child rode the bus?

Nervous Mom! -Cute Beltz

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3 thoughts on “The Yellow School BUS!!!!

  1. My child also rode a bus and it was not easy but she was picked up across the street from me so I could see her and I knew the bus driver otherwise I would have done the same thing.

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