National Cheeseburger Day & Rice Krispies Treats Day


OK, two of my favorite things cheeseburgers and rice krispies treats, have a day of recognition, love it!  When I was a teenager, I was the queen of making rice krispies treats, so it makes me happy to see this sweet treat being recognized!  The cheeseburger, yummy goodness.  One of my favorite places to get a cheeseburger is a small dinner on Chambers street here in NYC, they are the best! I use to eat them almost everyday when I worked downtown(don’t judge me before you taste one(smile)).  Yes, they are that good!  So, guess what’s on the menu tonight, cheeseburgers!!! Go have a cheeseburger or a rice krispy treat and celebrate!

Have a great day! – Cute Beltz

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