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With great jubilation, our guest blogger is a childhood friend who I am so excited to introduce to you.  Our guest blogger is (drum roll, please)  ……. Kimmi Troy!!!!  She is an extremely witty and gifted writer, enjoy!


You think of Halloween and think candy. While the costume certainly has its place as an important piece of the whole spooky spectacle, the candy bag is the most important accessory. As I browse through Target, I find hundreds of bags designed to enhance this most important October outfit.

The Pumpkin:

I look back at this bag with nostalgia. The child holding it can walk and hold things for small periods of time. It may not be his first costume experience, but he is now ready to join the neighborhood in a massive group activity past his bedtime. You teach him to say “Trick Or Treat” and “Thank You” as he watches some stranger drop candy in his bucket shaped like a decapitated pumpkin head.  But, it’s Halloween, so it’s okay!

The environmentally conscious themed bag:

Every weekend, I try to be one of those moms who walk out of the grocery store with a cart full of items packed in cute recyclable bags. If I could just remember to put the bags in my car before I get to the store. Alas, this particular bag is perfect for young school-aged children. You can find them everywhere! The Disney Store changes their themed bags every couple of months and usually run about $3. The kids marching around with these bags are mostly focused on what their friends will think of their costume. Last year, we had Luke Skywalker in our house. This year, it’s his dad, Anakin. While I drew the line at buying yet another light sabre, he can just use last year’s, I didn’t mind purchasing the Star Wars themed bag from my local Toys R Us. It even has Darth Vader on the front. Not sure if I’ll use it for fruits and vegetables, but it could be handy.

The Pillowcase:

Nothing says teen like a pillowcase. Too cool for an animated bag, and not too shy to ask for free candy. Many of these kids don’t even put on a “real” costume. They slap on a football jersey, throw their pillows on the floor and start ringing bells. Halloween is not ending for your teen, just changing. In the blink of an eye it went from pumpkin heads to parties.

The most important bag of all:

It’s all about them now. You have been enlightened that as an adult, you don’t really need the typical Halloween bag.  Your most important bag has probably been sitting on your counter for days now. You might stare at it or even smell it occasionally. Willpower keeps it unopened until that first goblin steps up. Because you know once you open that 4-pound candy bag, your inner child will feast. But, one thing will always remain the same; Halloween is timeless and never goes out of style.

About the author:

Kimmi Troy is a graduate of Saint Mary’s College with a degree in English Writing. A busy daughter, sister, wife and mother, she doesn’t mind wearing many hats as long as they don’t interfere with her Zumba classes. Kimmi lives in the Midwest with her husband of ten years and their two children. She is re-launching her blog, after a two-year hiatus and can also be found on twitter @zumbakimmi

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