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So, you are having a birthday party and you need some ideas.  Where to go, where to go??? Aha, Pinterest!  Yes, the place where all your dreams can come true, well virtually and if you are crafty.

Here are a few super cute ideas from Pinterest:

Birthday Table

Birthday party table is full of color with easy decorations any parent could pull off.  Align a few jars with sweet treats, buy party hats from the dollar store or Party City, add a faux paper flower and you have some really cute party hats.

Superhero Party

What girl doesn’t want to be a superhero?? have everyone dress up in a superhero themed outfit, get a few mask from your local party store and add some really cute photos of the Birthday girl in her costume and you have a winning party.

Vintage Plane Themed Party

I think this may be one of my favorite themed parties, a Vintage Plane Themed Birthday Party.  Very imaginative party with really cool ideas.  Love the lollipop airplanes and the decorative wall coverings, very cool party

Which party theme is your favorite?  What was the last party idea you created for your little boy or girl?

Have a great day! –Cute Beltz

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