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Eat Your Vegetables!

Yes, I am the sneaky Mom who hides vegetables in her children’s food.  I was given some excellent advice by my doctor to avoid the challenge of getting kids to eat their vegetables, just hide it in their food! I took the advice and it has been very successful.

My favorite dish to fix is lentil soup.  My kids call it the “green soup.”  I cook a pot of lentils with Lima beans, fresh tomatoes, celery, spinach, corn, squash(sometimes), potatoes, carrots, etc.  Once it has cooked for an hour, I place the soup in the food processor and puree.  Kids love it and have know idea they are eating all the vegetables they often complain about.  So, as one parent to another, remove the anxiety of vegetable eating from your life, get a food processor and puree away!!

What’s your secret to getting your kids to eat their veggies?

Happy veggie eating! – Cute Beltz

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5 thoughts on “How To Get Your Toddler To Eat Their Veggies | Cute Beltz

  1. Ugh, it took forever for my daughter to finally eat her greens on her own. eventually, we found a system where she’d could go out and play for a certain amount of time depending on how much she’s eaten. And it worked! I swear I should teach people how to be a nutritionist and how to become a personal trainer, lol. Thanks for the post.

  2. Will have to give this a try. I’ve got some *tough customers* my 4yo is extremely resistant right now lol. I’ve found, however, immersion blenders are the way to go with pureeing soups. Good luck and thanks!

  3. Sounds great. Not sure it’ll work on my picky family, but who knows. Though my tool of choice is my immersion blender 😉 thanks for the alternative idea.

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