Our Favorite Beauty Products For Summer 2013 | Cute Beltz

With summer finally here, we’re excited to change up our beauty routine and incorporate light, natural products into our makeup bag.   Check out our favorite must-have beauty products for this summer!

Pond’s BB Cream


There has been a lot of hype around Pond’s newest launch Pond’s very own BB Cream!  What’s all the hype about? With Pond’s being a global brand they have put a lot of research into creating these beauties to ensure that they have everything we would want in a BB Cream and more.  The Ponds BB Cream offers sheer to medium coverage with an spf30, PA++.  It is said to provide instand colour coverage for a flawless finish which works day after day to even your skin tone.  Launching this Summer 2013!

NYX Butter Gloss


NYX Butter Gloss is just as the name suggests – a gloss that comes on as smooth and creamy as butter.  It’s not sticky or uncomfortable on the lips; instead it’s creamy and moisturizing.  It’s a fun way to add some color and hydration to your lips this summer (with an affordable drugstore price tag).

Clarins Rouge Eclat Spring 2013 Face Palette


Clarins Rouge Eclat Spring 2013 Collection: Face Palette is a soft powder which you can use to add some sun kissed color to your skin this summer.  Clarins has a great range of powders for all seasons and this new one is a beautiful combination of pink, peach and bronze.  Use it all over your face or along your cheekbones for a natural summer look.

CK One Color Cream + Powder Bronzer Duo


If you’re in the market for Kardashian-worthy cheekbones and buildable color, this cream and powder duo is for you.  Use the powder side during the day, and contour with the cream for a sultry night on the town.  To get a natural-looking bronze, swoop your brush in a “3” path on your face that starts at your temple, hits under your cheekbone, and finishes along your jawline.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Mineral Tinted Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid SPF50


Protecting yourself from sun’s harmful rays is definitely on our to-do list this summer.  That’s why we love this product.  The barely there, tinted mineral formula evens out minor imperfections on the face and body, and the super thin fluid is so delicate, you won’t believe it’s an SPF 50—with semimatte coverage, nonetheless.

Atopalm Moisturizing Cleansing Wipes


After a day of beach volleyball or lying out in the park, your skin will be begging for a serious scrub! These wipes get rid of dirt and grime, and have Vitamin E and other hydrating ingredients that help soothe a sunburn.

OSiS Refresh Dust


Seriously, who wants to wash, dry and style her hair every single day—especially in the summertime? Dry shampoo is a must for freshening up your style on the off days! This one is particularly amazing because it adds in major texture, which helps if you’re trying to get perfectly tousled beach waves. You can also spray it on clean hair to give your locks some extra grip if you’re trying out a braided style.

FLOWER Color Play Crème


In the warmer months, creamy shadows in pretty pastels offer a subtle hint of color so you don’t look overly made up! These FLOWER ones come in tons of gorgeous shades, and they start sheer but can easily be layered to create a more dramatic look.

 Do you have a favorite summer beauty product? Share it with us! – Cute Beltz

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