Are You a Warm Weather Person or a Cold Weather Person | Cute Beltz

cold_cute beltz
Picture Credit: Committee for International Students

Yep, I am going there.  I know many of you are tired of talking about the cold, frigid weather, but by a show of hands I want to know if you are loving the cold temps?   I’m NOT! If any of you know my history, you know that I was raised in Detroit, MI.  Yes, raised in the cold, but I can tell you and my dearly departed Grandmother would have also told you, “that baby don’t like the cold!”  She was awesome. 🙂  Now, if you live in heat, bless you, I’ll be joining you soon! LOL Well, if I can get my husband to move.  

Let’s have a little fun.  Comment below and tell us where you live, if you want to move, where you would love to move and if you prefer cold or hot weather?

Thanks for taking the poll and I can’t wait to hear your answers. – Cute Beltz

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