Sweet Art: Real Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Pops Up in Chelsea

Can’t wait to indulge in this yummy chocolate and best of all it’s free. If you are going to be in the NYC area this week, stop by and check out the David Zwirner Gallery in Chelsea.

Red Tricycle

Who knew that art could be so yummy? David Zwirner Gallery in Chelsea has been transformed into a mini-candy factory cranking out thousands of bite-sized sweets every day – all in the name of art. And unlike Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you don’t need a golden ticket to enter and indulge here; it’s all free and open to the public.

David Zwirner Gallery 09

How Sweet It Is

Artist Oscar Murillo is the Willy Wonka behind this sugar-charged art exhibit, entitled A Mercantile Novel. In collaboration with Colombina, a top confectionary company in Colombia, Murillo has built a fully operational production site in the gallery, staffed by experienced candy-making employees. The result? You’ll find thousands of the Chocmelo, one of Colombina’s signature candies, poured into bulk bins or wrapped in smiley face-stamped packages – all up for grabs.

David Zwirner Gallery 03

The Story Behind the Sugar

The artist’s goal is to raise awareness about trade…

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