Reading Rainbow Enters the Digital Age

I was so excited to hear that LeVar Burton was reviving Reading Rainbow. As a child, I know many who were shaped by this program and how much it helped. Here’s to reading!

Checkout the Kickstarter campaign,

Red Tricycle

Reading Rainbow is making a comeback. This week LeVar Burton launched (and funded in 12 hours!) a Kickstarter campaign to bring brand new stories and videos to kids everywhere, whether they are learning at home or in the classroom. Get ready to take a trip down memory lane as Reading Rainbow begins a whole new chapter in the digital age.

reading-rainbow-levarReading Rainbow For Everyone, Everywhere
In 2012, Reading Rainbow was re-launched as an app that went on to win numerous awards, but Burton knew that not all children had access tablets. So he started the Kickstarter campaign: “Bring Back Reading Rainbow for Every Child, Everywhere” to help Reading Rainbow move beyond the app, onto computer screens and into classrooms. With over $2 million dollars pledged in the first 2 days, Reading Rainbow aims to help tackle illiteracy in children (pssst…did you know that one in every four kids in America…

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