In The Fairy Garden…A Very Magical DIY for Kids

One of the most beautiful and fun DIY gardens created to date by kids(and a little help from MOM). This is definitely a magical place!

Small Potatoes

title3“It’s a secret no one is telling?  Why in your garden, surely they’re dwelling! No need for journeying, seeking afar: Where there are flowers, there fairies are!”  ~Cicely Mary Barker

Around this time last year, my two littlest children and I built a little garden in the backyard…just for them to play in. The flowers grew, and the bees buzzed in and out. The children drove trucks through the little muddy pathways, they dug up worms, ate the strawberries from their own tiny patch, and watched the sweet peas climb the back wall. There were some very special hours passed in that little garden.

But something always seemed to be missing.

The winter came and the plants turned brown and crumbled into the earth. The freeze seemed to last an eternity. But when the big melt finally arrived, the kids and I were itching to get outside and transform that…

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