Pet or No Pet, That is The Question????

Ok, help me off the ledge because I am seriously thinking about getting my girls a puppy!!! I love animals and have ALWAYS wanted a dog of my own(childhood wish), so I am seriously contemplating this move. Shhh, don’t tell hubby! :-O

Let’s hear the pros and cons!

Cute Beltz

My girls have been begging for a puppy and I haven’t given in yet, but I’m tempted!!! I have always wanted a dog, but I know the commitment it will take and I’m not sure if I am up for it.  What makes it worst, is my sister recently got a dog for her family and my kids can’t stand it.  Everyday, I hear, “but Auntie has one, why can’t we??????” So, I need to hear the pros and cons of having a pet, what’s your take on having a family pet?

Pet or No Pet??? HELP – Cute Beltz

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