18 Things That Happen When You Become a Mom

Very cute and pretty accurate list of things that happen when you become a mom. Number 14 is dead on, I swear my purse has become anything, but mine. Number 15, I don’t agree with, my kids have always had great manners(it’s true, people tell me all the time!) 🙂

Red Tricycle

Who is this person taking over your body? It’s the new you — that’s who. Parenthood will change anybody in funny, wild and wonderful ways. Here are 18 things that happen.

1. You call everyone under four feet tall “sweetheart” or “sweetie.”


photo credit: Mark Probst via flickr

2. You rarely get to have all of your desert to yourself. Everyone wants a bite.


photo credit: m01229 via flickr

3. You swear you’re not scatterbrained … and then you realize you walked out the door wearing your leggings inside out and tried to unlock your car with a pacifier.


photo credit: Joshua Ganderson via flickr

4. Something will inevitably break. Something important like your great-great grandmother’s 18th-century tea set.


photo credit: Matt Reinbold via flickr 

5. You’ve learned how to turn the most simple and cheap things (like a plain ol’ bucket of water) into hours of afternoon fun.


photo credit: Mike Knapp via flickr

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