Pass on the Pie: 7 Birthday Party Eats That Aren’t Pizza

Always looking for alternatives to pizza, especially since my oldest does not eat pizza(I know, shocker). What are some other items you have served at your children’s birthday parties?

Red Tricycle

No one eats more pizza than a NYC mom or dad. A mom we know even admitted to a childless friend that she eats pizza at least three times per week. The childless friend gaped. How? Why? Birthday parties of course. The primary parenting social event. Sure it’s easy. Sure it’s a crowd pleaser. But wouldn’t it be nice to eat something different? In an effort to vary your birthday party diet, here’s our favorite birthday party eats that thankfully are not pizza.

empanada mamaAlternative #1: Empanadas
Talk about big flavor for small fries. In wheat or corn based empanada shells, Empanada Mama stuffs all manner of no-brainer kid favorites like cheese, chicken, and ham. For adults, try Caribbean roast pork, sweet Italian sausage, or spicy chicken. Empanadas are not easy to slice, so call ahead to order mini versions of your favorite combinations.

Empanada Mama
189 E. Houston St.
Lower East Side

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