21 Ways to “Modelize” Your House.

Great tips!


By Tiffany Brooks By Tiffany Brooks

Did you know that before I was a design firm owner and HGTV host I started my career by staging model homes? I was pretty darn great at it, and hunny I have the awards to prove it (insert a snap here). I have never lost my passion for models and now I am sharing my ideas on how to make your house look like a model home!

There are some tips that you can use now to make your space look like a model home. I am serious! It isn’t as hard as you might think.

1. Float your furniture. Move your furniture away from the walls. More often than not, you will make your room look more inviting and more accessible. If you have a larger or long space, make sure to design your room in zones.

by Victoria Hagan by Victoria Hagan

2. Get more lighting. One…

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