13 Spooky-Silly Pranks to Play on Your Kids

These are so cute and harmless pranks I’m sure kids will get a kick out of them. I am going to try the “Frightful Cubes”! Easy & I can pick a few of the little plastic bugs up at the Dollar Store.
Love to hear if you used any of these fun pranks, share? – http://www.cutebeltz.com

Red Tricycle

It’s time to put the “trick” into trick-or-treat. Halloween is time to joke, jest and play a prank or two — all in the name of spooky, silly fun. These good-natured pranks and games will generate little scares and big laughs.


 photo: Steven Depolo via flickr

Where Art Thou, Pumpkin?
Kidnap your child’s jack-o-lantern and leave a note in its place leading them on a scavenger hunt or giving playful demands to ensure its safe return. Turn it into a family undertaking by teaming up with your kids to hijack an unflappable neighbor’s pumpkin and coordinate a thrilling scavenger hunt for a friend.

Streamer Barricade
Criss-cross orange and black streamers across the doorway of your kid’s bedroom so they have to break through or army crawl under to get out in the morning.

Inflate oodles of Halloween balloons and stuff them in your kid’s closet as they sleep. Add a little spooky…

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