12 Mom Gadgets That Will Rock Your World

Cute gadgets, but the selfie stick is hilarious! Don’t think it’s one of those things I must have, lol. What’s your favorite gadget on the list? – wwww.cutebeltz.com

Red Tricycle

Spilled coffee? Can’t find the car keys? Phone is running low on juice? It’s all in a day in the life of a mom. Luckily, cool innovations make things easier (and prevent all those misfortunes from happening at once!). Here’s our list of little things that make a mom’s life easier — and more fun.

1. No Spill Mug
Your grabby tot won’t be able to show off his spillage talents with this mighty mug. Defying gravity, this cup has a super suction grip that lets it rebound with every push. Now you can keep that hot coffee close while you’re checking your e-mail with your hip hugger. $19.99 at themightymug.com.

Mighty Mug Blue Chop

2. Selfie Stick
Having everyone in your photo is totally worth all the strange looks you’ll get holding a selfie stick. Especially when it needs to be a quick snap-and-go moment with your camera-shy fusser. Plus, flexibility of this stick will let…

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