Just Opened: “Nature’s Fury” at the American Museum of Natural History

Red Tricycle

Did Hurricane Sandy find you fielding questions from your kids that made you wish you had your eighth grade science teacher on speed dial? Was “I don’t know” an insufficient answer to the plea, “Why is it so cold?!” during the Polar Vortex? Is your kid really into tornados? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions (or think your child would like a cool, interactive science exhibit) head to the Nature’s Fury at the American Museum of Natural History like the wind!

RT-Build-your-own-volcano interactive_DFBuild Your Own Volcano photo: © AMNH/D. Finnin

What’s It All About? 

Nature’s Fury: The Science of Natural Disasters explores the causes of natural disasters and the consequences of these events, while also considering the risks they pose. But it’s not all rocks and wind: the show also tells the stories of how individuals and communities cope and adapt in the aftermath of these tragedies, and how scientists are…

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