How Smart Moms Survive Winter in NYC

Red Tricycle

When jet setting to Miami for the winter isn’t an option, a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do. From rockin’ the best cold weather gear to planning an adventure by bus to making the most of a grocery run, this survival guide has 25 ideas to help you conquer the winter blues. (Spoiler: Watching Frozen is not one of them.) 


Photo courtesy of Dan Nyugen via Flickr

1. Master winter weather gear – If you want to survive strolling in freezing temps, get the necessities like footmuffs that create a cocoon for your infant or toddler inside the car seat or stroller and handmuffs that keep your hands toasty while pushing your beast of a stroller. Available locally at Giggle(120 Wooster St. between Prince & Spring, 1033 Lexington Ave. at 74th St., and 352 Amsterdam Ave. between 76th & 77th St.) or BuyBuyBaby (410 East 61st St. and 1st Ave. or 270 Seventh Ave. at…

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