5 Ways To Get Your Kids Reading

There are many resources to get your child reading,  but these are a few tips I have found very useful through the years. Some are ways I knew and some are tips from friends, family, educators and through research.

1. Start reading to your child while they are in your womb. Also, read for your enjoyment, I believe your unborn child absorbs all your energy and knowledge.

2. Read to your child everyday. My daughter’s 2nd grade teacher made it a point to let the parents know that regardless of how well your child reads, you still need to read to them. It reinforces learning skills, comprehension and teaches them new words.

3. Start going to the library when they are young. My daughter’s have been going to the library since they were one and because of this action, they love books. I am elated to write this because I was not a reader growing up. I am now, but I didn’t fall in love with reading early in life, but joyfully I can say my kids have.

4. Whatever they read, let them. Whatever subjects they find enjoyment in, let them read those books. My daughter’s teachers over the years told me not to stress out over what they are reading just as long as they are.

5. There are many online tools, but one of my favorite is Reading Eggs. A great online vocabulary resource. Also, loved the comprehension portion of this site. Has kept my children engaged every time they have used the program. Another awesome resource is Brain Pop Jr. There are so many awesome tools and the short movies on educational subjects are wonderful.

Reading is a wonderful, fulfilling experience and i’m grateful my girls LOVE to read. What are some techniques you’ve implemented to get your kids reading?  -www.cutebeltz.com

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