A Peepin’ Good Time: 9 Creative Ideas for Easter Peeps

You know it’s Easter when you see #PEEPS!!! – http://www.cutebeltz.com #easter #DIY #chocolate

Red Tricycle

We’ll say it first: Peeps are Twinkies of the Easter world. But the neverending shelf life—and admittedly guilty-pleasure deliciousness—make for amazing projects. Have you ever tasted a pillowy soft Peep S’mores? Or made edible Peep play dough? Scroll down to see all the fantastically sweet projects perfect for the rows of little birdies left behind when the chocolate bunny’s been devoured and the green plastic grass has been thrown out.

peeps-smores-1photo: Eclectic Recipes

1. Peep S’mores
You won’t need to restock the pantry with marshmallows after Easter. Making brighly colored S’mores with Peeps is much easier than you think and the sugary crunch adds a little something special. Check out the quick how-to from Eclectic Recipes. 

 peeps-e1425686728117-1photo: Still Playing School

2. Edible Peep Play-dough
Now you can squish these Peeps to your heart’s content without the sticky aftermath. Still Playing School’s fabulously fun recipe repurposes those Peeps into…

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