One Cool Thing: These Arty Crafty Cakes are Too Sweet

Love the teddy bear cake, what’s your favorite? Hop on over and share. #cakes #blog #birthday

Red Tricycle

In need of a little sugar fix? Let us satisfy your craving (at least, digitally). We are loving these seriously sweet creations from Arty Crafty Cakes.  Cake master and mama Maria Belen Agurto discovered her talent in 2011—she’s been wowing the Los Angeles area party circuit ever since. From minions to the yellow brick road and a mad hatter tea cake, take a peek at her amazing creations below.

minion_mariaagurto_artycraftycakes_onecoolthing_national_redtricyclebearcake_mariaagurto_artycraftycakes_onecoolthing_national_redtricyclerainbowdashcake_mariaagurto_artycraftycakes_onecoolthing_national_redtricycle After designing her own baby shower cake, Maria caught the decorating bug and began designing one-of-a-kind, how did she do that desserts. Each sugary concotion is crafted by hand from start to finish, all the cake toppers and figurines are hand-modeled, using only edible and food-safe materials like fondant, gum paste and Rice Krispies.


She’s been featured in Cake Central Magazine (volume 3, issue 11), Cake Geek MagazineChubby Cheek Cake Blog, and was the featured dessert artist at blogger Wendy Lam’s mini:licious

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