Baby Turns One! 10 Tips for an Epic First Birthday Party

Cute ideas for a babies 1st Birthday!

Red Tricycle

Congratulations, you’ve made it through the first 365 days of parenthood. Your sweet baby is turning one and it’s time to throw that once-in-a-lifetime first birthday bash. Wait, once-in-a-lifetime? That sounds intimidating. Before the panic sets in, take a breath and realize that by following a few simple tips your baby’s first birthday party can be memorable and stress-free. You’ve made it through the hard stuff, throwing the party should be fun!


Photo credit: Jen Moore Photography

Respect the nap
One of the first things you learn as a parent is that happy, stress-free days require a well rested baby. Birthday parties are no exceptions, so time your bash accordingly. Guests will be happy to accommodate the birthday boy or girl’s sleep schedule and you won’t be worried that your newly minted one year old is going to be a cranky host.

Keep the theme simple 
It’s easy to get carried away when planning such an…

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