10 Fantastic Things to Make with a Toilet Paper Roll

Loving the birthday crown and the superhero cuffs! – http://www.cutebeltz.com #DIY #superhero #crafts

Red Tricycle

They’ve got a toy box filled with gizmos and gadgets and all your kid wants to play with is a toilet paper roll. Go figure; they’re just flexing their imagination muscles, and that’s a wonderful thing. Give them a boost with these creative ideas. From play worlds to superhero arm cuffs, the possibilities are endless!

toilet-paper-roll-carPhoto: Kifli és Levendula

Race Car
Hook their LEGO men up with a new set of wheels by painting and adding cardboard tires to a toilet paper roll. Let them pick the colors and add the stickers to make it a unique ride all their own. Get the details over at Kifli és Levendula.

super hero cuffs 4Photo: Reading Confetti

Super Hero Cuffs
You don’t need special powers to make these awesome wristlets with your little hero. After painting the tubes, let your kids decorate them with stars, flowers, lightening bolts, or anything that they think gives them special…

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