Blaze Your Own Trail: 15 Family Hikes to Put on Your Bucket List

Pretty sure I’m not hiking at night, but would love to hike to a beach or in a rainforest. #hike #familyadventure

Red Tricycle

Lace up your hiking boots and strap your sidekick into the backpack because summer just called with the next best bucket list. From hiking into a volcano to finding a snowy summit, we’ve blazed a trail of ultimate family hikes you’ve got to try with the kids. Challenge accepted!

Family at Haleakala Crater Mauiphoto: Allison Sutcliffe

1. Hike into a volcano: This is one hike you do for bragging rights. But when you get right down to it, hiking into a volcano with your mini me is simply as cool as it sounds. The views are unforgettable and finding one that’s hike-able usually means an awesome family vacay is in progress. Win-win!

Hit the trail: Hiking into the Haleakala Crater on Maui is as close to walking on the moon as you’ll get without blasting off.

waterfall hike and girlphoto: Angela Barton

2. Hike to a waterfall: Could there be anything more calming than a peaceful waterfall…

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