12 Healthy Store-Bought Snacks to Put on Your Shopping List

Red Tricycle

When it comes to snacks, fresh is fabulous. But between the mad morning dash and after-school practice, packaged snacks that serve up tasty, healthy bites sound pretty tempting, too. We’ve shopped around and found 12 snacks you’ll feel okay about popping in their backpacks on the way out the door.

mammachia_healthypackedsnacks_food_backtoschool_national_redtricycle1. Sweet Squeeze
Add super seed action to your kid’s lunch. Served up in flavors like Blackberry Bliss, Wild Raspberry and Strawberry Banana, they’ll get their fruit squeeze packed with Omega-3’s, protein and fiber from a full helping of Chia. Organic and non-GMO, you can feel good about this quick and sweet treat.

Available at Shopmammachia.com, $27.99 for 16.

pistachiochewybites_healthypackedsnacks_food_backtoschool_national_redtricycle2. Power in Pistachios
Not only do Chewy Pistachio Bites take the trouble out of eating those tasty green nuts, but this snack is low in sodium and packed with protein. Combined with dried cranberries for a blast of antioxidants, the individually wrapped bars…

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