Banish Winter Blues with Pretty Pastels

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Feminine and flattering pastel statements are a definite must have for Spring 2013.  These sweet hues like turquoise, pink, lilac and powdery yellows are perfect on just about every skin tone.  The pretty, on-trend tones are super easy to wear, whether you rock them as an accessory to give a fresh pop to an existing outfit, or sport pastel as your focus piece.

There are many ways you can incorporate pastels into your wardrobe.   Check out our favorite ways to wear these cool colors!

Mix pastels and neutrals


Adding a dose of neutral can help balance out the girly nature of pastels making it very easy to mix into one’s existing wardrobe.  Whether it’s a pair of earthy toned pants or a crisp white shirt, pairing it with pastel will give you just the right dose of color without going overboard.



Unsure about stocking your closet with these candy shades? Try introducing some bits here and there.  Start with some adorable accessories first. Pastel accessories look great especially on a black dress. They sweeten up the look a little so it doesn’t appear as too vampy. Opt for a statement necklace in a pastel shade or even a pair of pastel pumps to balance the outfit out.

Pair it with Black


Some women like the look of pastels but don’t want to seem like they’re going to a garden party when wearing them.  One easy way of avoiding this is to pair your pastels with your black pieces.   Got a favorite black leather jacket that you love to wear? There’s nothing wrong with pairing it with a pastel top or bottoms, like a pair of mint skinnies.  The combination of the softer pastels with the edgier details is a nice contrast and keeps your look from becoming too saccharine.

Keep hair and makeup minimal


When you’ve already got sweet candy colors all over you, you’ll want to keep your makeup sweet and simple. Avoid mixing pairing it with dark smoky eyes unless if you’ve got black or deeper hues in your outfit. The best would be to go with nude or light eye shadow shades, paired with a classic red lip or a shimmery pink.

How will you wear pastel this spring?


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Spring Flower Arrangements

Nothing brightens up a room like a beautiful arrangement of flowers.  Add pretty spring flair to your home with our ideas for centerpieces.

Add a splash of color with gerberas


This bright arrangement of gerberas will look lovely as a table centerpiece, inside or out.

You will need:

  • 25 mini gerberas, in 5 different colors
  • Florists’ wire
  • Scissors
  • String
  • 5 tall glasses
  • Large plate

Tip: With plain glasses, you could add food coloring to the water to match the flowers.

Step 1

Set aside one gerbera in each color. Wind florists’ wire round each of the rest, starting at the top, and trim at the base. This stops them drooping.

Step 2

Join the gerberas together into five bunches of four all the same color, winding the string several times around the top to secure.

Step 3

Fill the glasses one-third full with water and put a bunch in each.

Step 4

Group the glasses on a large plate, and then sprinkle with the flower heads of the five you set aside.

 Tulip and daffodil centerpiece


This striking arrangement is so easy to put together, can be ready in minutes and is ideas for the spring season.

You will need:

  • Shallow glass bowl or vase
  • Large round candle
  • 1 hyacinth head
  • Open tulips
  • Bear grass
  • A daffodil or contrasting flower
  • Florist’s wire

Tip: As you need very open flowers for this arrangement, you’ll be able to pick up a bunch quite cheaply.

Step 1

Half-fill the bowl or vase with water and stand the candle in the middle.

Step 2

Float the buds from a hyacinth head in the water.

Step 3

Cut stems of tulips and arrange around the candle, on top of the hyacinth buds.

Step 4

Finish off by wrapping the vase in bear grass and attaching a daffodil head at the join. Use florist’s wire to make secure.

  Fruits and Flowers


Using multicolored winter citrus fruits and the first blossoms of spring is all it takes to make an inventive centerpiece. You can reproduce it throughout the year with the hard fruits and flowers of other seasons.

Choose a wide, low, clear glass vase or container, so that the arrangement will be stable and will allow guests to see one another across the table.

Insert one type of flower; the largest variety first and a single stem at a time, pushing the stems between the fruits to firmly anchor them.

Fill the vase two-thirds full with a variety of citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemons, limes and kumquats. Add water to come halfway up the sides of the vase.

Add two or three other types of flowers in the same way at random intervals to round out the arrangement, creating a pleasing shape and a balance of color.


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Question: What do you love about life?

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The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

I love so many things about life, my children, my husband, my family, my ability to think for myself, being healthy, the outdoors, my GOOD(new and old) friends, a good hamburger, smiling(love happiness), offering help to friend in need just because that’s me, talking(I love to talk), being able to create, traveling, discovery, laughter & hugs from my children, prayer and its overwhelming power, sushi, owning my own business, love, saying hello to a stranger(makes my day when someone speaks to me), beauty, nature, holding the door for someone and they say thank you! and so much more.  Life is awesome, enjoy it!  What do you love about life?

Have an awesome LIFE! – Cute Beltz

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