Mom Business in the Spotlight – Market Mommies

Market Mommies blazed onto the World Wide Web in 2010 and has created a platform for Mom owned businesses, a premiere showcase for unique businesses and blogs to connect with mothers who need their services.  Toni, the visionary behind this great site, works hard for what she believes in.  It is evident through her creative advertising options available to small business owners.  I personally am a fan of Moms Night Out which is a shopping extravaganza held on Facebook, beautiful, original products made by moms! J

There are several opportunities through Market Mommies to build your business, so check them out,

Toni is planning to expand Market Mommies and they are in the running for a grant, so let’s support and help them win! Click here to vote, Mom Central Grant Contest.  Good luck!

This business gets the Cute Beltz, the place for the cutest kids belts, SEAL OF APPROVAL!

**Moms, if you have a great idea, start executing your plan to get your business off the ground.  There are many resources and many individuals willing to help, so stop making excuses and GO FOR IT!

A testimonial makes it all worth it! Small Businesses RULE

I have been contemplating this blog for approximately 3 weeks.   Just finding the time was difficult to sit down and dedicate myself to writing it, but I thought it was very important to share a testimonial I received from one of my best wholesale clients.

 I constantly hear, share your testimonials it is key in running a small business, so I am taking this opportunity to share a testimonial I received that REALLY made my day!  She writes, Online the belts look nice but once I opened the box and I saw them I was really impressed. You make a wonderful product. The belts are super cute and really well made!!!  I am very happy I ordered them.”  –M.V.

 Many small businesses are born out of a need, so when it comes to making a product many of us are novice, we learn as we go along.  When I started my business I did not know how to use a sewing machine, I am self taught with the exception of sewing a button on every once and a while.  Now, I can sew a toddler/kid’s belt in the blink of an eye.  My intention as a business owner is to deliver a product which is of great quality and in my case useful for children, thanks M.V. for the validation.

 So, share those testimonials, it’s what drives people to buy your product.  I know I certainly love hearing GOOD NEWS to help in my buying decisions. 


Cute Beltz

Holiday gift guides for the last minute gift idea!

Tis the season to open your hearts and buy fabulous gifts!!  I just love Christmas, it is a joy to see those great BIG SMILES on my kids faces when they open their presents.  Just warms my heart.

Cute Beltz had the privilege of being apart of a few Holiday Gift Guides.  If you are looking for unique items, check out these great gift guides. 

Build A Buzz Holiday Gift Guide – Something for the young and MATURE! 🙂

Market Mommies Holiday Gift Guide – Absolutely the most adorable gifts for kids.  There is something for every child.

Celebrity Baby Talk Holiday Gift Guide – “Must Have” items for the kids.  Great gifts.

Time is winding down, so get clicking.  Still looking for an adorable stocking stuffer for a girl or a boy, check out Cute Beltz, belts for toddlers and kids.  The Dinosaur Disco Boys Belt or the Pink Flower Power Girls Belt, will have your kids gleaming with joy, they will “love their Cute Beltz!”

Wishing you and yours a blessed and safe holiday!

Holiday Vacation Tips When You Work for You

As a small business we all could use some tips on taking a vacation because we work HARD!  Liza Porteus Viana article shed some light on just “how to” take a vacation.  As a small business owner, Liza asked me my take and I provided my insight on vacations.

Holiday Vacation Tips When You Work for You

The holidays are fast approaching and for those who work at home, many may have the option of taking extended time off — a perk to being your own boss. But should you?

When it comes to signing off on your own vacation time, it’s a personal decision for which one has to weigh the benefits – and costs.

“You are truly your own boss and truly do manage or try to manage yourself in terms of any kind of away time – whether it’s around the holidays or otherwise. It’s all part of that process,” said Bill Kahnweiler, associate professor and human resource expert at Georgia State University’s Department of Public Management and Policy.

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Please leave a comment, I would love to hear how you mange your vacations as a small business owner.

Happy Holidays from Cute Beltz!

5 Tips for Taking Vacation From the Home Office

Looking for great tips on taking a vacation for individuals who own small businesses?  The article by Liza Porteus Viana on Fox Business has some great tips.  Cute Beltz was posed the question, check out what I had to say!! 🙂

5 Tips for Taking Vacation From the Home Office

No 1: Don’t Let Deadlines Go on Vacation

If you’re going to be away from your business and clients for any sort of extended period of time, let them know how long you will be gone and assure them that whatever work you are doing for them will still be done on time. In fact, getting it done early will prove you can meet deadlines and still have a life afterward.

“You should be communicating your intentions with your clients, i.e. taking time off, so they will not feel neglected or like you are ‘slacking.,’” said Kristen Ford-Stevens, owner and designer of Cute Beltz. “Communication is key to running a successful home business .”

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Happy Holidays!