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DSC_0477With Easter just a few days away why not add something more than candy to your kid’s basket.  Check out some of your ideas for making your child’s Easter basket fun, creative, and unique.

Gift Baskets for Toddlers

Toddlers are just beginning to learn about Easter and what it means to receive an Easter basket. Keep it simple with brightly colored plastic eggs. In the case of toddlers, you don’t need to fill the eggs with anything because anything small enough to fit in an egg can be considered a choking hazard. In addition to plastic eggs, you can include Easter themed soft books, building blocks and stuffed animals.

Gift Baskets for Preschoolers

When filling an Easter basket for a preschooler, first, think about what kind of container you’d like to use. Certainly a traditional basket works well, but there are lots of other treat holders you can use. Consider filling up something that your little one can play with or put to use later like:

  • beach pail
  • big pocketbook
  • play grocery cart
  • Coloring books
  • jewelry box
  • puzzles
  • bubbles
  • chalk
  • bicycle helmet

Preschoolers and Elementary Kids

If your little one is head over heels for craft projects and coloring an excellent idea is to arts and crafts themed Easter Basket full of special goodies. Crayons and coloring books are a must. Include items such as markers, finger paint and/or paint and paintbrushes. You can’t forget the construction paper in a variety of wonderful colors.

All Ages

From infant to teenager, books are perfect Easter-basket filler.  This may be a clichéd but the truth is that books are one of the best gifts that you can ever give to children on any occasion. Books help to develop a habit of reading in children that they can pick up as a hobby. Reading helps to expand the mind and creates a sense of curiosity and thirst to find out more. For toddlers you may want to choose cloth books or board books with thick pages and bright colorful pictures. Preschool and early elementary students enjoy books about animals, other children or their favorite television characters. For older children and teens, pick the newest book in a series they enjoy or a subscription to a favorite magazine.


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Cupcake Designs To Love | Cute Beltz – Toddler Belts

Yes, I can admit it, I am a Pinterest addict! But, who isn’t?  Once you get going, it’s hard to stop.  I love finding fun cupcake designs, although I can’t make them, I can dream…….

Now, this would be loads of fun for a kid’s birthday party!!

Fun way to display cupcakes
Party Smartie Cupcakes

For the grown up party, these High Heel Cupcakes would be so much fun!

High Heel Cupcakes by We Lived Happily Ever After
High Heel Cupcakes by We Lived Happily Ever After

Great for a tea party!!

Pinned Image
Tea Cupcake Design

These great cupcake ideas will make your next party the talk of the town! Now, go make some cupcakes or like me,  hire someone to make one of these fabulous designs.  Cheers! – Cute Beltz  #wordlesswednesday

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Birthday Party Décor – Fun Decorations For Kids Parties | Cute Beltz

So, you are having a birthday party and you need some ideas.  Where to go, where to go??? Aha, Pinterest!  Yes, the place where all your dreams can come true, well virtually and if you are crafty.

Here are a few super cute ideas from Pinterest:

Birthday Table

Birthday party table is full of color with easy decorations any parent could pull off.  Align a few jars with sweet treats, buy party hats from the dollar store or Party City, add a faux paper flower and you have some really cute party hats.

Superhero Party

What girl doesn’t want to be a superhero?? have everyone dress up in a superhero themed outfit, get a few mask from your local party store and add some really cute photos of the Birthday girl in her costume and you have a winning party.

Vintage Plane Themed Party

I think this may be one of my favorite themed parties, a Vintage Plane Themed Birthday Party.  Very imaginative party with really cool ideas.  Love the lollipop airplanes and the decorative wall coverings, very cool party

Which party theme is your favorite?  What was the last party idea you created for your little boy or girl?

Have a great day! –Cute Beltz

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Happy New Year – Awesome 2013 | Cute Beltz

May this year bring you peace, love, joy, enjoyment, happiness, solitude and your dreams to reality.  This is your year, so go make it an awesome year!  Sending my blessings and good will to you all.

Happy 2013!! –Cute Beltz

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The Results….. | Cute Beltz

We are super excited to be a top finalist for this years 2012 Red Tricycle Totally Awesome Awards for Chic-est Kids Accessories.  Thank you to all of our wonderful friends who voted for us, we are truly appreciative of your support.

We would like to send our Congratulations to Bow Allure for winning top honors.

THANK YOU!! – Cute Beltz

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