Mom Business in the Spotlight – Market Mommies

Market Mommies blazed onto the World Wide Web in 2010 and has created a platform for Mom owned businesses, a premiere showcase for unique businesses and blogs to connect with mothers who need their services.  Toni, the visionary behind this great site, works hard for what she believes in.  It is evident through her creative advertising options available to small business owners.  I personally am a fan of Moms Night Out which is a shopping extravaganza held on Facebook, beautiful, original products made by moms! J

There are several opportunities through Market Mommies to build your business, so check them out,

Toni is planning to expand Market Mommies and they are in the running for a grant, so let’s support and help them win! Click here to vote, Mom Central Grant Contest.  Good luck!

This business gets the Cute Beltz, the place for the cutest kids belts, SEAL OF APPROVAL!

**Moms, if you have a great idea, start executing your plan to get your business off the ground.  There are many resources and many individuals willing to help, so stop making excuses and GO FOR IT!

Cute Beltz – 2011 StartupNation Leading Moms in Business Competition

Yes!! Cute Beltz, the coolest and cutest belts for kids, is in the running, so if you love us, like we love you, give us a VOTE!. 

Click here to vote, Cute Beltz – 2011 StartupNation Leading Moms in Business Competition.

Thus far, this year has been an exciting time.  Watching my business develop is awesome and I owe you all much thanks for your continued support.

Have a wonderful day and keep shooting for the stars!

Finding The Right PR For You and Your Business

I have been working hard to create brand awareness for my company, Cute Beltz. It is a true labor of love when you wear all the hats in a company. As of December 2010, I was also the Public Relations manager, researcher, consultant, etc., but not anymore. As of January 2011, I hired someone to take on the PR task, namely an expert in the business.

For several months I read my PR experts blog and newsletters and spoke to a few of her clients before I decided to hire her.  Her blog was always filled with great PR tips and the trends in social networking that will improve business.  It was all very impressive, so I took the leap of faith and added her to team Cute Beltz.  She has given my company a great boost in brand awareness and has also helped me tweak some items, which has been of great value. So, I say all this to say, MOMPRENEURS, save your pennies, sell some baby items, get a part time job, but make a budget to hire a Public Relations expert, it could be the real boost your business is looking for.  PLUS, a great PR person already has established connections you are hoping to gain, so save some time and reduce the stress, just hire someone!

My recommendations that have helped me build my business:

Retail Minded

HARO – Help A Reporter Out

The Business of Being A MOM – Boogie Wipes

Note –   Keep in mind, that if you can’t afford them all year, many PR experts will work with you for a season or a specific campaign.  Hire someone who has a proven track record in your industry. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for references and to call.

I would love to hear your tips and what sites have helped you grow your business, so leave a comment.  Next month, I will compile a list of all the comments and blog about it, so everyone can have the information.

If we don’t share and give to others, what’s it all for?  Here’s to inspiration, now go out and inspire someone and help them build their business.

Check out what’s new at – Belts for baby, toddlers and kids – 12 month to 6 years old.

Cute Beltz(Belts for Kids) + Social Media is Great for Small Business!

I am still amazed by the impact of social media.  There are so many social outlets that it is impossible to belong to everyone, so you have to focus on a few to make a real impact.  For me, I have found that Facebook is phenomenal because not only am I connecting with friends and family I have not seen in years, but it has become an excellent marketing tool for my business, Cute Beltz.  I knew people needed belts for toddlers and kids up to age six, but the response through Facebook has been amazing.  I often think, where would I be without Facebook?  My business has grown immensely because of this platform.  Not only is the Fan page invaluable, the Facebook marketing is amazing!  Facebook is a great tool for getting the word out about a small business.

I have also found twitter to be another tool that I just love.  I have met many people that I KNOW I would have never met in this lifetime.  Not only are people willing to engage in conversation with a perfect stranger, they often check in on you to see how things are going.  I find it really wonderful when I say, “Good Morning” and I receive replies from my regular’s and new friends.  Good feeling to be acknowledged.

Blogging is also a great outlet for meeting people and learning about others lives.  I am really digging Blog Frog, to be able to view so many intriguing stories through different communities, is quit cool.  I am still a novice at blogging, but working hard to understand how everything connects.  I am always up for a challenge!

I also use Linkedin, great for business connections, (formerly twittermoms) and my newbie Savor The Success, a lot of great women doing their thang! 

I am grateful for how the internet has exploded and my business thanks you too! 

Keep tweeting, FB’ing, etc. because we are bound to meet.  I look forward to meeting you somewhere on the world wide web, PEACE!

Join US, we LOVE to meet new FABULOUS people, just like you.  Have a great day!

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A testimonial makes it all worth it! Small Businesses RULE

I have been contemplating this blog for approximately 3 weeks.   Just finding the time was difficult to sit down and dedicate myself to writing it, but I thought it was very important to share a testimonial I received from one of my best wholesale clients.

 I constantly hear, share your testimonials it is key in running a small business, so I am taking this opportunity to share a testimonial I received that REALLY made my day!  She writes, Online the belts look nice but once I opened the box and I saw them I was really impressed. You make a wonderful product. The belts are super cute and really well made!!!  I am very happy I ordered them.”  –M.V.

 Many small businesses are born out of a need, so when it comes to making a product many of us are novice, we learn as we go along.  When I started my business I did not know how to use a sewing machine, I am self taught with the exception of sewing a button on every once and a while.  Now, I can sew a toddler/kid’s belt in the blink of an eye.  My intention as a business owner is to deliver a product which is of great quality and in my case useful for children, thanks M.V. for the validation.

 So, share those testimonials, it’s what drives people to buy your product.  I know I certainly love hearing GOOD NEWS to help in my buying decisions. 


Cute Beltz