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There are days when I have doubts about being in business, but when you receive a testimony like this one, I know what I am doing is making a difference and the sacrifices make it ALL worth it!!!!

TESTIMONY: I have wasted alot of money trying to find a belt for my daughter, but there was problems with every belt that I purchased until I found D-ring belts. I wish I’d found these before I wasted so much money; and my daughter loves these belts especially the peace sign one. These belts fit great since there are no prongs. Wish I’d tried them sooner.

Check out the product review and girls belt here,  http://www.cutebeltz.com/peace-on-earth-girls-belt-new/

Thank you for allowing us to be apart of your lives. – Kristen, CEO Cute Beltz

New Boys Belt & Girls Belt | Cute Beltz

We are happy to announce two new additions to our line of belts this summer.  Our two new kids belts are available in two styles, both with easy adjustable closures and sizes from 6 months to 10 years of age.

Blue & Gold Belt for Boys & Girls

Cute Beltz Blue & Gold Kids Belt
Cute Beltz Blue & Gold Kids Belt


Pink & Green Girls Belt

Cute Beltz Pink & Green Girls Belt
Cute Beltz Pink & Green Girls Belt


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 Keeping one “bum” covered at a time!

Free Shipping On All Kids Belts & Toddler Belts | Cute Beltz

We wanted to say Thank YOU for being so awesome!
We appreciate you sticking with us and helping us grow over these last 5 years.

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Thank you, Cute Beltz

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Grateful For All Things…. Happy Monday!

Monday, is a wonderful day because it is the start of possibilities.  Some may say, ohhh Monday…  why have you come so soon, but when you are able to get up in the morning, walk, talk, breath, feel, etc. it is a blessing to welcome in another day.  So, instead of saying woe is me, Monday is here, be grateful for all things that will come your way and the unexpected pleasures that are around the corner.

What are you grateful for on this beautiful Monday morning?

I am grateful for knowing that when I wake every morning, my beautiful girls are ready to give me big hugs and kisses, I love their love.

Stay GRATEFUL! – Cute Beltz 

 Thanks Hallelujahs by Holly and Moore Minutes for the quote!

D-ring & Velcro Belts for Kids

Organizing Your Gardening Workspace | Cute Beltz, the Belt for Kids

I love to garden with my kids.  We always plant a few things every year.  This year we planted tomatoes, green beans and cilantro(my favorite).  When it comes to organizing, it is always a bit of a challenge on where and how to keep all my tools, gloves, soil, etc.  So when I found this great article on “Organizing Your Gardening Workspace” from Good Housekeeping, I was thrilled.   My favorite tip is the plastic bucket and canvas tool belt, that is genius and very convenient.  How do you organize your workspace?  What’s your favorite item you planted this season?

Happy Organizing & Gardening! – Cute Beltz