Great News – Cute Beltz, The Toddler & Kids Belt – Coming to a store near YOU!

Things are happening FAST! I have made some changes in my company and they are really paying off.  I decided that it was time to make Cute Beltz a household name because of the great feedback from my customers.  By making this decision, I jumped head first into the NYIGF show which resulted in some great new clients. Also, I decided that it was time to expand, so I hired a few Sales Reps, which is still in the early stages, but they seem to be doing a great job.

Currently, Cute Beltz are being sold in 3 new stores in Illinois, New Jersey and Curacao (Yes, we are in the Islands, Man!)  As you can tell I am very excited and feel VERY blessed.  More to come.

I truly believe everything happens for a reason( you will see this a million more times on this blog, SMILE), you don’t know what life has in store for you, just be open to the blessings!!  Keep your eyes out for Cute Beltz, we are coming to a store near you SOON!

If you are interested in carrying Cute Beltz, the toddler and kids belt in your Boutique, Gift Shop, etc., please email for wholesale information.

Have a great day everybody!