Summer Reading, Earn a FREE Book

One of my favorite Summer Reading Programs is through Barnes and Noble.  The program is for children in grades 1-6 and is a wonderful time to encourage your children to read to earn the reward of a FREE book.

This has been a consistent summer event for my children which they have enjoyed over the years.  Sadly, my oldest will age out this year so although it is bitter-sweet, we are very happy with the selections of books we have been rewarded with throughout the years.

I encourage each of you to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.  To get started, click here –> Barnes and Noble Summer Reading .

Happy Reading!

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18 Things That Happen When You Become a Mom

Very cute and pretty accurate list of things that happen when you become a mom. Number 14 is dead on, I swear my purse has become anything, but mine. Number 15, I don’t agree with, my kids have always had great manners(it’s true, people tell me all the time!) 🙂

Red Tricycle

Who is this person taking over your body? It’s the new you — that’s who. Parenthood will change anybody in funny, wild and wonderful ways. Here are 18 things that happen.

1. You call everyone under four feet tall “sweetheart” or “sweetie.”


photo credit: Mark Probst via flickr

2. You rarely get to have all of your desert to yourself. Everyone wants a bite.


photo credit: m01229 via flickr

3. You swear you’re not scatterbrained … and then you realize you walked out the door wearing your leggings inside out and tried to unlock your car with a pacifier.


photo credit: Joshua Ganderson via flickr

4. Something will inevitably break. Something important like your great-great grandmother’s 18th-century tea set.


photo credit: Matt Reinbold via flickr 

5. You’ve learned how to turn the most simple and cheap things (like a plain ol’ bucket of water) into hours of afternoon fun.


photo credit: Mike Knapp via flickr

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Water, Water Everywhere: 11 Incredible Spraygrounds

We may live in NYC, but our friends at Red Tricycle are our go to resource for kids activities in many states, so this one’s for your D.C.!  Here’s a list of Spray Parks you will want to keep handy for those hot D.C. days.

Red Tricycle

How can you improve a playground?  Add water!  When the summer heat descends on D.C., kids need to get wet and we love to make it happen. Sure, swimming pools are refreshing, but it’s easy to get bogged down by noodles and floaties.  From toddlers to teens, these area spray grounds keep kids entertained for hours (especially if you “sprayground hop”). All you’ll need is a towel.  Ok, and maybe some sunscreen.

What’s your family’s favorite spray park? Let us know in the comment section below.

—Jamy Bond and Ayren Jackson-Cannady

Photos courtesy of Capitol Riverfront BID via Flickr, hollyloo via Flickr, catomatic92 via Flickr, Wayan Vota via Flickr, smata2 via Flickr, Flickr Dave via Flickr, pcopros via Flickr, homerclees via Flickr, Great Waves, Ocean Dunes, grobinette via Flickr

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