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Having faith is a big part as to why I have been able to stick with and grow my business.  There are many people, situations that will try to knock you down, but with FAITH anything is possible!

Keep moving forward! – Cute Beltz

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Wordless Wednesday…… CLARITY

Clarity is amazing, when it hits you.  I have been working so hard on my business which I truly love, but sometimes I feel like I am working backwards.  The other day, it hit me that I needed to make some changes because my business was growing quicker than I realized.  If I was to keep up with the pace, what and how was I going to do it.  Then, the big CLARITY hit me like a ton of bricks and I just started doing the happy dance.  It was amazing because when it hits, it provides you with an outlook that you never knew possible.

I know my life has already been mapped out, I just have to open my heart and mind to the possibility which has not always been easy.  I have always felt my angels cheering me on, I just seem to have placed a road block in the path at times.  So, when things changed for the better a few weeks ago, I stepped back and re-examined my life and how I wanted it to play out.  Thus, the big CLARITY arrived on the scene and it has been all roses since that day.  I look forward to what’s to come for this mompreneur, my mind, heart and soul are open.  So, keep watching, Cute Beltz, the belt for toddlers and kids is making phenomenal changes.

Have you had the big CLARITY moment?  Share your story.

I want my order, do you care that I am having a bad day?

I have had many conversations and read plenty of articles on social media business etiquette and what to discuss on social media outlets that represent your business.  Some say, don’t mix business with personal because no one cares if you are going through anything.  I have also heard the other side that it is nice to show your personal side because everyone wants to know that you are human, but can you sometimes share too much?

My question to the readers – If I am having a bad day, do you really want to know?  Or do you just want your order! I can hear some of you saying, save the drama give me my merchandise. 🙂

It goes without saying that personal issues do come up, but I have learned that in business  no one really cares what’s going on behind the scenes.  If you are trying to run a successful business people want to hear how your business is evolving and hear about the great new products you will be offering, right? Tell me if I am wrong, please!!!

Through my business social platforms, I keep it up beat.  I throw a little personal in every once in a while because as a Mompreneur we all have children we are raising and it is nice to have a conversation about all the wacky things are children do.  But most of all, I keep it light.

I want to hear from the consumer and Mompreneurs/Entrepreneurs.  There are so many opinions on the subject, I would love to hear where you stand on the issue.

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Finding The Right PR For You and Your Business

I have been working hard to create brand awareness for my company, Cute Beltz. It is a true labor of love when you wear all the hats in a company. As of December 2010, I was also the Public Relations manager, researcher, consultant, etc., but not anymore. As of January 2011, I hired someone to take on the PR task, namely an expert in the business.

For several months I read my PR experts blog and newsletters and spoke to a few of her clients before I decided to hire her.  Her blog was always filled with great PR tips and the trends in social networking that will improve business.  It was all very impressive, so I took the leap of faith and added her to team Cute Beltz.  She has given my company a great boost in brand awareness and has also helped me tweak some items, which has been of great value. So, I say all this to say, MOMPRENEURS, save your pennies, sell some baby items, get a part time job, but make a budget to hire a Public Relations expert, it could be the real boost your business is looking for.  PLUS, a great PR person already has established connections you are hoping to gain, so save some time and reduce the stress, just hire someone!

My recommendations that have helped me build my business:

Retail Minded

HARO – Help A Reporter Out

The Business of Being A MOM – Boogie Wipes

Note –   Keep in mind, that if you can’t afford them all year, many PR experts will work with you for a season or a specific campaign.  Hire someone who has a proven track record in your industry. Also, don’t be afraid to ask for references and to call.

I would love to hear your tips and what sites have helped you grow your business, so leave a comment.  Next month, I will compile a list of all the comments and blog about it, so everyone can have the information.

If we don’t share and give to others, what’s it all for?  Here’s to inspiration, now go out and inspire someone and help them build their business.

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Holiday Vacation Tips When You Work for You

As a small business we all could use some tips on taking a vacation because we work HARD!  Liza Porteus Viana article shed some light on just “how to” take a vacation.  As a small business owner, Liza asked me my take and I provided my insight on vacations.

Holiday Vacation Tips When You Work for You

The holidays are fast approaching and for those who work at home, many may have the option of taking extended time off — a perk to being your own boss. But should you?

When it comes to signing off on your own vacation time, it’s a personal decision for which one has to weigh the benefits – and costs.

“You are truly your own boss and truly do manage or try to manage yourself in terms of any kind of away time – whether it’s around the holidays or otherwise. It’s all part of that process,” said Bill Kahnweiler, associate professor and human resource expert at Georgia State University’s Department of Public Management and Policy.

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Please leave a comment, I would love to hear how you mange your vacations as a small business owner.

Happy Holidays from Cute Beltz!