National Fire Prevention Day



Every year at my children’s school they host a fire safety day which I am very appreciative of.  They have the local fire station, the New City Fire Department come in and talk to the children about what you do in case of a fire.  The kids get to explore the fire truck, which is always fun!  They provide demonstrations and give the children what if’s and how to handle the situation in the case of a fire.  The children have an opportunity to ask questions and get answers directly from a fireman/firewoman which I believe helps the children understand the importance of fire safety.  They also hold a drawing contest, gives the children an opportunity to express what they learned and also for the teachers to gauge if the program is helpful.  For the three years my children have attended the school, it has been successful, it has provided great dinner conversations.  So, what have your children learned about fire prevention?  Is your school hosting a Fire Prevention Day?

Checkout the fire safety tips from the American Red Cross –> TIPS on safety

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