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Schools out, what’s the plan?

I am a working mother, so I do not have the luxury of taking the summer off and frolic at the beach!  So, when my children are out of school I have to plan accordingly.  I have found that it is great to have grandparents, friends and summer camp!

Things to Do With the Kids in the Summer

If you are fortunate enough to have parents that are giddy about spending the summer with their grandchildren, by all means ship them off!  I am fortunate to have a mom, who has finally decided to retire (we will see how long that last) that LOVES her grandchildren to pieces, so it is no problem to send them to stay with her for a few weeks.  Over the years, as my children get older it is has been a true blessing.  Momma’s need breaks too!

Do you have friends that will pick up your kids and keep them???  My friends who have the summer off have always been a huge help.  With many of my friends, they are like “family” so, it’s always been easy.  Now, I don’t dump my kids with them all the time that just wouldn’t be right!  BUT, if they are willing, I’m not turning them down.   Hey, it is always great to have a friend that is willing to scoop your kids up for the day.

Camps are AWESOME!! In my town we have great camps and fortunately they are economical family friendly, at the moment.  I know as time goes on, my children will want to participate in more specialized camps, but until then, off to the town camp they go!

So, what’s your plan for the summer?  Grandparents house, dependable friends, camp or a combination of all three?

This year our summer life is a combination of all three, grandma, friends and camp.  So, here’s to another working mom’s awesome summer adventure!


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Happy Thanksgiving | Cute Beltz

Wishing you & yours a blessed and happy Thanksgiving! –Cute Beltz

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So You Think You Can Dance?


I LOVE to dance.  It is something so freeing about it.  As a mom, I don’t see a dance floor to often but when I get the chance, I cut loose.  My husband always makes the remark, “I have got to get you out more often”, umm YES, please!    My favorite is to go dancing with the “girls” because it’s one big dance party and we just have so much fun.  AND yes, I can dance! 🙂  So, do you love to dance?  WHY?

Dance on…. – Cute Beltz

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FREE Museum Day Hosted by Smithsonian Magazine

I love going to the museum and each year the Smithsonian magazine host a free museum day across the country to anyone who holds a museum day ticket.  This year the day is set for September 29, 2012.  As a child I found it extremely rewarding to visit museums and I have carried that same feeling into my adult years.  So, get your tickets and have a great day at the museum with yourself, family or friends.

Tell a friend and enjoy the museum! –Cute Beltz

P.S. Thanks The Coupons App for the tip on museum day! 🙂

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