Have You Set Your 2017 Goal?


We are often trying to figure out what our goals should be?  The great thing about life is our goals evolve as we mature.  If you are asking, where do I start or how do I set a goal? My best answer is to start with something that you aspire to do whether it is big or small.  For example, when I was 11 years old I was always helping others find solutions.  Whether it was fixing something or helping another with a project, I always found myself giving unselfishly. So, I set a long-term goal to be an active member of society.  You can often find me volunteering at my church, my children’s school and in the community. This goal has been one that has stuck with me and continues to be steadfast in my life

So, what goals have you set for yourself for 2017?  Are you setting short-term or long-term goals for your life?  These are all questions that will lead you to your ultimate GOALS in life.  So, get busy and start planning!

Have a beautiful 2017! J – Kristen, Cute Beltz CEO

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Motivation Monday with Cute Beltz – How’s Your Confidence?

Motivation Monday with Cute Beltz

Every Monday is a new week to either start over or get it right.  Doesn’t it just fuel you to know that each and everyday is a new start.  I have a few new projects that I am currently working and sometimes I get discouraged but I know I just have to push through my fear and go grab what is mine! So set your goals, make a plan and go make it happen.

Moitvation Monday by Cute Beltz

Have a fabulous, goal setting, get it done kind of week!! – Cute Beltz

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