Friday Never Look SOOOOOO Good!

Photo Credit – Desi

This  has been a long, trying week, but I MADE IT!! First my manufacturer called to say there would be a 2 week delay in producing my product, then my sewing machine broke, so I couldn’t produce samples.  Of course, I have to buy a new sewing machine, uggghhhh!! BUT, all in all, I am healthy, happy and loved, so all is well in the universe.

Happy Friday –Cute Beltz 

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Hello, Friday!! | Cute Beltz Blog

Hello Friday - Cute Beltz

OK, my friends, what’s shaking and baking this weekend?  Can you say, kids birthday parties or relaxation??? Relaxation, deserves a big LOL, I know, but I had to ask. 🙂 The Cute Beltz family, like many of you will be running to kids birthday parties and activities, but hey, no complaints, you wanted to be a parent. :-0  Funny thing is, I love seeing my kids happy, so this parenting thing is turning out to be the best job a girl could have.

Have a great weekend and SMILE – Cute Beltz

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