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Do you or don’t you love Monday’s?  I love Monday’s because it is the start of the week.  A new week of possibilities, of adventures, of discovery, of decisions and of rewards.  As a business owner, it has become a day that always gives me hope and the day I know I can make all wrongs, right!

Have a super #Monday, my friends! –CuteBeltz

Monday Brain Teaser | Cute Beltz, Belts for Kids

I thought it would be cool to have a little fun today.  Checkout the word search below, who is the FIRST famous artist you can spot! Post your answers below. #brainteaser#MondayBrainGame


Good luck and have a wonderful day! – CuteBeltz


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Grateful For All Things…. Happy Monday!

Monday, is a wonderful day because it is the start of possibilities.  Some may say, ohhh Monday…  why have you come so soon, but when you are able to get up in the morning, walk, talk, breath, feel, etc. it is a blessing to welcome in another day.  So, instead of saying woe is me, Monday is here, be grateful for all things that will come your way and the unexpected pleasures that are around the corner.

What are you grateful for on this beautiful Monday morning?

I am grateful for knowing that when I wake every morning, my beautiful girls are ready to give me big hugs and kisses, I love their love.

Stay GRATEFUL! – Cute Beltz 

 Thanks Hallelujahs by Holly and Moore Minutes for the quote!

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