Cute Beltz Question of The Day – What relaxes you?


When I find the opportunity to relax, I love going to the spa by myself!  The quietness is what I most look forward to because it provides the opportunity to clear my mind, enjoy silence(I have kids) and I don’t have to utter a word.  So, how do you relax?  Do you find relaxation at the spa, at the beach, curled up on a couch with a good book, journaling, etc?  Share what puts you in your place of peace.

Here’s to finding a few quiet moments to RELAX! – Cute Beltz

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Sailing Takes Me Away………..

I am all for relaxation, but what parent isn’t?  I had the opportunity while in Hilton Head, SC to go sailing and every time the opportunity presents itself I jump.  For me the water has always provided an escape, anytime I can sit still and reflect is time well spent.   I am often reminded of one of my favorite songs by Christopher Cross, “Sailing” , a great song from the 80’s!!! 🙂  What activity do you find relaxing?

Here’s to relaxation! – Cute Beltz

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