Summer Family Travel Plans


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Every year my family along with my mother, sister and her family, my brother and his family plan a vacation together. It is the only time our schedules jive. This year, we started planning late, it’s between Florida and Arizona. I really don’t care where we go as long as it’s hot. This winter has done me in!!!!!!!

How far in advance do you start planning for summer travel? Where are you going this summer? Will it be your first visit or is this an annual trip?

Happy travels! – Cute Beltz

Best Museums for Families | Cute Beltz

I am a lover of museums and I am always eager to share my love of museums with my children.  When visiting various cities for vacation or business I always do a little research to find out if there is a “must visit” museum in the area.  As I plan my summer, I have started researching and found that USA Today recently released a list of 20 Best Museums for Families Across the USA that I have bookmarked for reference.

Being a NY’er, I have had the pleasure of visiting the American Museum of Natural History of NY several times and has become one of my favorite museums.  This is a large museum, so you should get there early so you can take your time and enjoy.  The museum is fascinating and filled with many historical artifacts.

American Natural History Museum – Dinosaur Display

I have also had the opportunity to visit the Henry Ford Museum in my hometown, Detroit, MI on several occasions.  Many times as a child and now as an adult with my children.  It is so cool to see the evolution of the car, the historical Presidential motorcades, trains and so much more.  This is a fascinating museum and a definite “must see!”

Henry Ford Museum – McDonalds Display


I am looking forward to visiting many of the museums on the USA Today list.  If you had to name your all time favorite museum, which would it be?


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Question: What do you love about life?

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The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

I love so many things about life, my children, my husband, my family, my ability to think for myself, being healthy, the outdoors, my GOOD(new and old) friends, a good hamburger, smiling(love happiness), offering help to friend in need just because that’s me, talking(I love to talk), being able to create, traveling, discovery, laughter & hugs from my children, prayer and its overwhelming power, sushi, owning my own business, love, saying hello to a stranger(makes my day when someone speaks to me), beauty, nature, holding the door for someone and they say thank you! and so much more.  Life is awesome, enjoy it!  What do you love about life?

Have an awesome LIFE! – Cute Beltz

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