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Today, as I was scrolling through my Google+ friends checking out their great post, I  came across a crafting post on how to make a time machine.  I thought my girls could easily do this because they love to create and they are always creating something out of a box.  To my surprise PBS Parents has a Youtube channel with a number of craft ideas and I like how they keep it short and to the point.  Easy instructions with a catchy little tune playing and quick visuals.  Clearly, being added to the favorites list!

Checkout the channel here, Crafts for Kids by PBS Parents or click the video below to see how to make a DIY Cardboard Time Machine.

Happy crafting! – Cute Beltz



Gangnam Style, My Kids Are Obsessed! | Cute Beltz

I love fun music, but my kids are obsessed! It’s none stop in my house since they asked me to find it on YouTube.  You can hear it playing first thing in the morning, as soon as they get home from school and before bed.  They jump around doing the Gangnam Style by Psy like no tomorrow, its quit funny! So, how have your kids reacted to this dance craze?

I have been summoned, I’m off to do the Gangnam Style! – Cute Beltz

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How To Let Go and Delegate?

I’m having difficulty relinquishing the responsibility of my business! Do you feel you have to be in control of every aspect of your business? I know in order to grow successfully, I am going to have to let go, but it’s difficult.

I have read so many post, watched so many YouTube videos and listen to many motivational/business consultants and they all tell you the same thing, “If you want to grow your business, you must delegate responsibility and hire individuals who will help you achieve your goals.”  My down fall is that I don’t think anyone can do it better! BUT I know that isn’t true because one person and the occasional help from an assistant can not maintain every aspect of a business.

So, how do you let go?

Have a wonderful day!

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